Hello, world!

Launching a website feels a bit like getting naked in front of all your friends, plus a whole bunch of strangers from all over the world.

Although I have been writing professionally for 7+ years now as a researcher and scholar, the writing required by academic journals leaves something to be desired. It is formulaic. It is predictable. It lacks personal style and creativity. Once you crack the code of academic writing, so to speak, you can repeat the pattern of what works and alter the focus and content for most any topic or study you are preparing for publication. Then there is the ambiguous process of trying to meet a standard of quality and rigor that is not necessarily well-defined, but is evident by the low acceptance rates of national academic journals.

However, writing from the heart - to a world of onlookers - feels much more vulnerable. NAKED. Revealing.

Writing from the heart means taking the plunge to write about what actually matters. That’s what I hope to do here, with all of you.

In Qoya, we always say that sacred space is created when two or more people gather to tell the truth about their lives. Well, here I am…and here you are, reading. I appreciate the sacred space to share what is true for me here and now. I appreciate you being a part of it too, as a witness. I like to imagine you reading what is true for me here, and feeling empowered to share what’s true for you in your life as well - in any form that takes.

Cheers! And thanks for reading.