Big Bowl of Fun

One of my goals as an adult is to revert back to child-like behavior whenever possible. 

Let me explain…

I woke up this morning and got in the shower to get ready for the day. My 8-month-old is playing with some toys in the floor of the bathroom; however, when I get out of the shower, my charming baby has made his way over to the toilet, has pulled himself up to standing, and is delightfully splashing in the water.

The first two thoughts that cross my mind are:

1.     We should have splurged and purchased the toilet with a lid, and

2.     I sure hope the last person who used that toilet remembered to flush.

I race over to grab my gleefully happy baby and immediately rush him to the sink to wash his hands. (Thankfully, the toilet had been flushed. Whew.)

Then it occurs to me… this darling baby was having the time of his life splashing in toilet water.  Someone could have just taken a poop in there – or not – who knows? But did the baby care? Absolutely not. He was too busy living life in the moment.  All he could see was a bowl full of water fun. MUST. SPLASH. NOW!

My point is… When did life become so serious for us adults, anyway? Couldn’t we all benefit from some unrestrained splashing in a bowl full of fun? When we enter a new space or situation, what would it feel like to throw caution to the wind and just jump right in there. Forget about whatever metaphorical “poop” just took place and seize the freaking moment already. And for no other reason than pure, unadulterated FUN.

It’s inspirational, really, to see and experience life through such a pure lens – one that has not been tainted by years of experience and prior knowledge of “poop” and other matters.  

So here’s my wish for all of us today: May we step up to the big bowl of water fun in our lives and make a huge, uninhibited splash. Bask in a moment of joy!

The poop will always be there later.