Feminine Leadership: Paving the Way for Wellness in the Workplace

I was honored to present the keynote for the Roanoke Women’s Business Chamber Luncheon this year.

In this experiential presentation, we explored concepts of feminine leadership, learned about the relevance of somatic markers for accessing our intuition, and practiced listening to our intuition with a mindful breath and movement exercise.

We asked the questions: What is a situation in your business that you could use some wisdom or guidance with? What is getting in the way of making this decision/change? What wisdom do you need to move forward?  

We considered our own mental health and wellness through the lens of a continuum model, and took the courageous step of engaging in a self check-in:

-How am I doing?

-What is my body telling me?

-How am I coping?

-Who can I go to for support?

Healthy feminine leadership hinges on our ability to nourish and nurture ourselves in order to lead effectively, connect with courage, and use our intuition to enhance our decisions.

Take care of your instrument, Leaders!

Roanoke Women of the Chamber - thank you! Wishing you wellness, wholeness, and fullness~