Power of Intention


One thing I have learned over the past three years, especially in my development as a Qoya teacher, is the power of intention in manifesting what you want.

I still remember sitting in the circle with other Qoya teachers-in-training at the Qoya Intensive gathering. Rochelle asked for our intentions, which did not surprise me at all, but it did feel uncomfortable to determine what my intention was for myself.

What is your intention?

It feels like such a straightforward, seemingly simplistic question.

What do you intend to do?

Where are your sights set?

What are you directing your energy toward?

What are you hoping or wishing?

What do you desire out of this?

No matter how it is phrased, I’ve been learning how important setting an intention is to what transpires next. As I’ve spent the last 5 years working at a research-intensive university, my mind tends to think about things in terms of the relationship of constructs. 

Whatever I choose as my intention is related to the outcome.

Whether that relationship is direct, indirect, predictive, or correlational is not well defined. I haven’t researched this in a controlled, experimental study. I can’t identify what all of the confounding variables are in this equation. I just know that a relationship exists, and it’s an important one.

However, I used to doubt this relationship. When someone would ask me what my intention was, I used to have this distracting thought: Whatever I choose as my intention does not really matter because the outcome may turn out completely different. I have since learned that, yes, sometimes the outcome is different than I intended; and yet, somehow, when I choose an intention that is truly meaningful to me, I often learn something valuable in the process. Sometimes the original intention morphs and transforms right before my eyes. Sometimes it becomes just what I needed, even though I didn’t know I needed it.

Setting an intention can be scary too. If I really dig down deep inside and feel what I want, it can be terrifying to admit.   These are the times when setting an intention becomes challenging because I’m afraid to really own it.

But when you set an intention and you mean it (like, REALLY mean it), there is a sense of personal ownership and responsibility that is set in motion. It changes your energetic being. Perhaps it even alters you at a cellular level. It initiates a process, creates anticipation, and gives purpose.

And what I love most about setting an intention, is that intentions are always made in the PRESENT.  It’s not like you can shuffle through your history and pull out an old intention that is no longer relevant. Nope. Even if you tried, that “old” intention would still be ringing the bells of truth at some level.

So try it…


And so it shall be.