What the World Needs Now

What the world needs now…. Is Qoya, more Qoya.

It’s been a tough weekend with tragedy, bigotry, and hatred all over the news. 

In challenging times, we often find ourselves calling upon all of our resources, inner and outer. Many of us are organizing and taking action for causes we care about. Many of us are reeling with raw emotion. Many of us are wondering when things will change. 

But then tonight, I taught the first in a series of four Qoya classes at the Bea-ing Center for Holistic Health in Roanoke. And I feel whole again. You see, Qoya has that effect on you. It is powerful medicine for the soul.

People often ask me what in the world Qoya is, what do you do, what is it about, etc. 

Qoya is a contemplative movement practice that is based on one simple idea: Through movement, we remember our essence as wise, wild, and free. It is a practice designed to guide awareness inward to connect to intuitive wisdom. In Qoya, and in life, all of our answers reside within.

Qoya includes breathing and connecting with your body, as well as being compassionate with yourself. It involves noticing how movement feels to your body, and following what feels good, authentic, and true to you. Qoya includes a combination of structured movement as well as an invitation to more expansive, expressive, free movement. Qoya is a way to unleash the creative self and let her run wild. 

In tonight’s class, we embodied what it feels like to be authentically yourself. One thing I love about Qoya (there are many things) is that there truly is no way to do it wrong.  And you know what else? When you are embodying your authentic self, you cannot do that wrong either.

Tonight I could feel myself remembering my essence. I could feel the pulsing energy between and among us. I could feel how interconnected we all are. I could hear giggles and deep sighs – breaths that we’d been holding in a little too tightly for days. I felt the release of burdens we’d been carrying – some that weren’t even ours to begin with. 

If any of this resonates for you or sounds remotely intriguing, find a Qoya class to attend and see for yourself if it’s true….does movement really help you remember your essence? 

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