Laura’s passion for creating more inclusive communities for the LGBTQ+ community was clearly conveyed throughout the day. Her positive energy and sense of purpose were infectious. Quite simply put, Laura is an agent of change.
— Todd Stanley, LPC, Powell Resource Center Director and Director of Counseling Services

Dr. Farmer offers private consultation on LGBTGEQ issues, supporting gender diverse students in schools (K-12 and post-secondary), using movement to access intuitive wisdom, developing personalized movement rituals for healing, and a variety of wellness and mental health topics for groups, corporations, non-profits, and public agencies.

Dr. Farmer integrates her knowledge of psychodynamic processes, Qoya-based movement, mindfulness, expressive arts, group dynamics, and counseling techniques to create a truly unique and empowering offering.

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Laura is fantastic. She created an incredible agenda that was so congruent with the hopes and values of our organization. Our retreat was a great mixture of experiential movement, verbal processing, and goal setting.
— Christine Dennis Smith, LCSW, Co-Director of The Women's Center at Virginia Tech


Sample workshops include:

Cultivating Mindfulness for Mental Health and Wellness

This dynamic workshop includes a combination of lecture, dialogue, and experiential practice.  The didactic presentation focuses on mindfulness history, basic concepts, neuroscientific benefits, and practical implications for the specific work setting. Participants will experience mindfulness through breath meditation, loving-kindness meditation, walking meditation, and other experiential practices to illustrate concepts.

Feminine Leadership: A New Paradigm in the Workplace

This enlightening and interactive presentation explores concepts of feminine leadership in the context of the predominate work cultures’ preference toward masculine approaches. Leadership is examined through the lens of feminine and masculine styles yet distinguished from actual gender embodiment. Participants will learn ways to embody feminine leadership principles and engage in experiential practices designed to enhance intuitive wisdom. Experiential activities will empower participants to apply feminine leadership concepts to their workplace challenges immediately, with fresh perspective and new insights.

Gender and Sexual/Affectional Diversity: Best Practices for an Affirming Climate

With growing diversity in our culture, there is an increased demand for affirmative and caring practices in the workplace.  This workshop provides education about sexual, affectional, and gender diversity and examines best practices for individualized work settings.  Participants will engage in activities to learn about various identities, practice affirming language and ways of responding, and challenge misguided assumptions that may lead to problematic behaviors.

Dr. Laura Farmer’s thoughtful, easy going nature provides a safe atmosphere where people can learn and risk asking hard questions. Her work with the LGBTQ+ community, especially students and their parents, is evidenced in her passion and knowledge of the most pressing issues facing these youths. We highly recommend her and this presentation for your next professional meeting!
— Karen Garlow, Supervisor of Schools, and Dr. Shawn Hughes, Assoc. Director of Counseling, Roanoke County Public Schools